Viral: The hole in the middle of the house.. When everyone asked, what was the kangaroo inside her..


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The small quarrels that arise between husband and wife. In the same anger..

The small quarrels that arise between husband and wife. In the same anger, they end up committing atrocities. Recently, a similar incident took place in Bihar. If we go into the details regarding the incident that created a local sensation..

A woman named Vibha from Bochaha in Muzaffarpur has a husband and two children. Recently, Vibha and her husband used to fight frequently due to financial problems. It was in this sequence that the husband started to separate. He has been staying at his brother-in-law’s house for 15 days after leaving her. This made Vibha angry. In this order, she showed it to her three-year-old nephew Nitik who came to her house on Sunday. The girl was not only strangled to death, but her mouth was filled with bricks and mud. Later, to avoid a case against her, she dug a hole and buried the body in the middle of the house.

On the other hand, Nitik’s parents, who searched the surrounding areas for their son’s disappearance, finally came to Vibha’s house. When asked about the child, she said she didn’t know anything. Finally, when they saw the pit in the middle of the house, they asked what it was. When those who got suspicious dug the hole, the child’s body came out. On receiving information about the incident, the police reached the spot and inspected the scene. Later, a case was registered and the accused was arrested.

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