Vinicius: “The racists go to the stadiums and LaLiga continues without doing anything”

LaLiga responds that it analyzes audio and images to denounce the insults received by the Brazilian

Javier Tebas, to the player: “It is very unfortunate, unfair and it is not true to publish that LaLiga does nothing against racism, find out more”

MADRID, Dec. 31 (.) –

The Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr. assured after receiving racist insults in Valladolid –in the match between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid (0-2)– that racists continue to enter LaLiga Santander stadiums without LaLiga doing “nothing”, although the entity chaired by Javier Tebas responded that it is already analyzing what happened to denounce said insults.

“The racists continue to go to the stadiums and see the biggest club in the world up close and LaLiga continues to do nothing,” said the white player on his social networks.

In this sense, he ended his message with an ironic point. “I will continue with my head held high and celebrating my victories and those of Madrid. In the end it is my fault,” said the Brazilian striker, annoyed with the situation in Pucela.

After these statements, LaLiga assured in a statement that it is studying what happened. “LaLiga has detected racist insults from someone, from the stands of the Zorrilla stadium, published on social networks. These events will be reported to the Anti-Violence Commission and the Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, as has been done on other occasions in the that LaLiga, after investigating racist behavior inside and outside the stadiums, has led the fight against this type of act”, LaLiga defended itself.

In fact, the president, Javier Tebas, added on his social networks that the fight against racism from LaLiga began several years ago, and he was upset with the Brazilian international player from Real Madrid.

“In LaLiga we have been fighting against racism for years. Vinicius, it is very unfortunate, unfair and it is not true to publish that LaLiga does nothing against racism, find out more. We are at your disposal so that we all go in the same direction together,” he said. .

LaLiga also recalled that in the case of racist insults by fans to players, in addition to reporting the facts to the aforementioned State Commission, since the 18/19 season LaLiga has also been handling these cases before the Hate Prosecutor’s Office.

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