Vilda: “Very high expectations have been generated for the European Championship and it’s not positive”

“That 28 come is productive and positive”


The Spanish women’s coach, Jorge Vilda, said on Tuesday that “very high expectations” have been generated around the national team before this summer’s European Championship, which he considers “is not positive” or “the best breeding ground for surrender”, as flattery “can weaken” the team ahead of a tournament for which the 28 shortlisted players “have equal options”.

“Very high expectations have been generated, I have felt it this season. It is not positive, I have not seen this demand in the 40 years that I have, even friends tell me that they have not known a team that has demanded so much of it without having won. nothing. We are put in the final and it is not the best breeding ground to perform”, Vilda said at a press conference from the Iberdrola headquarters after announcing the names of the 28 players who will meet before the European Championship.

Asked if this European Championship comes at the best time for the national team, the coach pointed out that, although the confidence and demand within the group are “maximum”, all “the balloon and the ‘sufflé’ is not the most convenient to perform” . “We are realistic and there are teams that we have never beaten and we are going to compete with them. All that ballast is what we have to get rid of. If we want to go far we have to be one hundred percent mentally and physically too,” he argued.

“We accept the challenge, but we know that these compliments can weaken us, we must be focused,” insisted Vilda, who asked “to keep our feet on the ground.” “We’re going straight ahead, we want to go as far as possible. When they tell you how well you play and you don’t give value to each game, that in a European Championship it’s a conquest… If we arrive mentally well we can beat any rival”, he added .

However, the coach wanted to make it clear that “there are other teams ahead” of Spain at present, mentioning Frabcia, England, Germany and Sweden among the favourites. “Each team has a very high level and we can have it, but we have to calibrate and keep our feet on the ground, not go out to any game with too much confidence, because then what happens happens… In football comes the least painted and the roof breaks and I don’t want that to happen,” he stressed.

“They know this and they know the way, they have shown it. The seasons with their clubs are exceptional, we have teams competing at the highest level. We have to know where we are and where we come from,” he commented on the 28 soccer players who will be concentrated in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas, of which he will have to make five discards for the European Championship, which will begin on July 6 in England.

The coach stressed on several occasions that these 28 players have “the same options” to be on that final list of 23 players. “That 28 come will be productive and positive. There are players who finished 15 days ago, but now they will be resting and recharging and then have a homogeneous group,” he explained about the concentration.


“The 23 have to be in the best conditions, that’s why I think that competition will be positive. It will be a tough decision, because five won’t come. We want them to be plugged in and connected,” he said.

Vilda addressed the absence of Claudia Zornoza in the call, the “most difficult” decision. “It can even be a mistake and an error not to put it in, but you have to think about having compensated teams, with different variants and records. Claudia has not been able to enter now, if anything happens she can enter, I am sad not to see her after the season what he has done,” he lamented, insisting that there are “30 or 40 players who could enter” the list.

In that call, the main novelty was the Villarreal player Salma Paralluelo. “We have known her for years, she has been world champion, this season she has not had a very long performance due to her injury, but she has had a good end to the season, she is decisive and differential. She can contribute a lot”, he analyzed about the forward , as he also sees the presence of defense Sheila García as positive, with “a lot of skill”.

“We hope they are disconnecting, leaving the mobile aside, to charge themselves with competitive energy. They will come with ambition, wanting to prepare to get physically well. With their attitude and desire we will be able to compete with the best”, settled Vilda about the preparation in concentration.

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