Video: man who regained his freedom 2 months ago was murdered by police in the US

Leonard Cure He spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Two months ago he was released and the state of Florida (United States) formally apologized to him for the unjust sentence for armed robbery imposed on him. However, Cure was murdered last Monday by a police officer whom he tried to choke, as recorded in videos from the body cameras and the patrol car.

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According to CNN, The police officer began chasing Cure, 53, with sirens on after the African-American citizen’s vehicle passed his own. The chase lasted approximately one minute and 20 seconds.

The media in question reported that the officer asked Cure to get out of his vehicle and informed him that he stopped him because he was speeding and driving recklessly. “You passed me going 100 miles per hour (160 km/h),” said the agent, who was pointing a Taser at Cure.

You passed me going 100 miles an hour.

Even though the police officer asked him several times to put his hands behind his back and warned him that he would shoot him if he didn’t, Cure did not obey him and instead began walking towards the officer and grabbed the cord of the stun gun. At that point, the officer fired his Taser.

For about 20 seconds, Cure and the police officer struggled and the African American, who appeared more physically strong, squeezed the officer’s throat and face. The police officer hit Cure several times with a ball, but was unable to subdue him.

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In the midst of the violent struggle, the agent took his firearm and shot Cure, who fell to the ground. However, the detonation of the weapon is not heard in the videos.

Then, the agent took the communication radio and exclaimed: “Camden, shots fired” and ordered Cure to stay on the floor. However, Cure sat up and waved her arms.

The videos then show the officer unpacking a first aid kit and beginning to administer aid to Cure until paramedics took over. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that Cure died minutes later.

According to Telemundothe sheriff’s office asserted that it released the videos to be transparent “regarding the actions that occurred” and to show the “confrontation and use of force.”

However, authorities will conduct “an independent investigation of the incident and will provide its findings to the Brunswick Judicial District Attorney’s Office for review.”

‘He shouldn’t have shot him’

Relatives of Leonard Cure stated that the officer should not have shot him and that there was excessive force on the part of the uniformed officer.

“I think my brother was possibly suffering from some mental problems. I know him quite well. “The agent provoked it, without a doubt he provoked it,” said Michael Cure, according to Telemundo.

Mary Cure, the victim’s mother, stated: “I don’t believe, regardless of what happened, that they should have killed him.”


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