Vicente Moreno: “I don’t think it’s a penalty, nor an action for the VAR to enter”


The coach of Espanyol, Vicente Moreno, lamented the defeat (2-1) this Sunday against Atlético de Madrid with a penalty in the discount that, in his opinion, should not have been pointed out or reviewed in the VAR, after “rowing a lot “to be left with nothing.

“It’s a shame because you lose the work of many minutes in an action. We have to see what we have been able to do in that action. It may be that it touches his elbow, but it is an action that removes the arm and in fact the referee not the pita,” he said at a press conference.

“It is an action that I would not call a penalty. That in this type of action between the VAR is what you do not quite understand. Jorge is a great referee but in this action they have warned him and they have to decide,” he added, about that final action that was 2-1.

Raúl de Tomás was the protagonist of the hand that the referee indicated as a penalty when he saw it on television, after many repetitions. Carrasco converted the maximum penalty and Espanyol’s tie vanished in the 100th minute. “I’m not the one to say what has to be done, always with the utmost respect,” he said about a possible institutional response from the parakeet club.

“It doesn’t seem like a penalty to me and it doesn’t seem like an action for the VAR to enter. Jorge is a referee that I like but we don’t agree on the criteria in the penalty action. The VAR is there to help and makes football fairer, but when we enter into judgment actions, it is a matter of judgment, it is not whether he enters or not, or is offside or not, as long as there is judgment it will be difficult for all of us to see it in the same way,” he added.

Moreno also valued the need to improve his team, especially away from home. “We have played a game where we have had to work a lot, we have known how to anesthetize his virtues, make the game difficult and have him in order to win it. When you don’t finish finishing off him, you give him that option. We can do things better. been close, but that’s not worth it. What we have to do is win and it’s costing us away from home”, he finished.

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