Vicente Moreno: “Beating Madrid twice is neither common nor easy, but you have to believe”

“With Ancelotti you discount yourself by counting everything he has won”


The RCD Espanyol coach, Vicente Moreno, recognized that it is not “ordinary” or “easy” to be able to beat Real Madrid twice in the same season and, after the ‘perica’ victory in the first round, he now asks his players for faith in order to seek that heroism against some whites who seek to seal their LaLiga Santander title as soon as possible.

“Beating Madrid twice in the same season is certainly not common or easy, but it is good that these circumstances pass because you realize that you can win these games if you do things well, fight and believe you can, which is the most important thing. You have to believe,” he said at a press conference.

After 2-1 at the RCDE Stadium, Espanyol will try to add what would be their second victory away from home so far in the League. At a time when Real Madrid is looking for the ‘alirón’. “The reality is that we are playing against a great team, who are yet to certify being league champions. In any scenario, Madrid is always a very difficult rival to win, with a lot of demands, and tomorrow it will be no less,” he assured. Dark.

On the other hand, beyond trying to surprise Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu, Espanyol is looking for mathematical permanence. “Without a doubt I want to, it’s something to certify. As much as you may apparently have achieved it, if it’s not certified it’s because the math doesn’t guarantee it. It’s an important game because it can bring us closer or give us permanence and we have to go for it to think about other things,” he acknowledged.

“Right now the draw is not worth it. We have in our heads the clear idea of ​​adding the 3 points, and in a game the scenarios can change and depending on many factors you can say that you have gotten 1 point, but now in the head is adding the 3 points”, he argued.

“We have prepared the game thinking about what drawing to use or what to exploit, being flexible because we are open. But it will have nothing to do with the Atlético game, they have nothing to do with one rival or another. The only thing that is similar is that you have to win a match to add or win”, he said, asked about the recent 2-1 loss at the Wanda Metropolitano.

The blue and white coach had words of praise for his white colleague, Carlo Ancelotti. “With Ancelotti you discount when you count everything he has won and in many places, too. He will have won the league in five different countries, in major competitions. He is a great coach and surely he does everything well, not only management but also tactical level does a lot of things,” he stressed.

And they were also all nice words towards Benzema. “When I’m born again and I’m a footballer, I’d like to be like him. It’s embarrassing to talk about him, or make an assessment, because he’s a phenomenon. He’s one of the players that it’s nice to see, and not only now that he’s been praised, but years when he was criticized. Perhaps over time he is much more valued but he is a spectacular player,” he said.

But, about the game, he stressed that it is very important and that they want to knock Madrid down again to win away from home and get closer to that salvation. “We really want to win, at home and away, in league games and friendlies. If we win we would certify the first goal scored, it’s an important game and of course we want to win it”, he summed up.

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