Verified X (Twitter) users spread 74% of fake news about the conflict between Israel and Hamas

MADRID, Oct. 23 (Portaltic/EP) –

Verified users of xthe social network formerly known as Twitter, generate 74 percent of the false news or ‘fake news’ related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas that circulates on the social network owned by Elon Musk.

Any account with the blue check mark indicates that it has an active subscription to the X Blue service and that it meets the eligibility requirements that establishes the company.

As X, formerly Twitter, points out on its website, among the eligibility criteria for the blue badge are having the account with a name and visible and public profile photo.

There must also have been activity recorded during the 30 days prior to the time of subscription and must not have content that has signs of being misleading or “engaging in platform manipulation and spam,” according to the firm’s Help Center .

This contrasts with the recent findings of NewsGuard, which has determined after a recent analysis that verified users of the platform spread 74 percent of the total fake news about the conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

The firm has warned, first of all, that X Premium subscribers have the option of hiding the check mark, so it is possible that their analysis “does not count the minimum total”, since some premium users could have decided do not show the badge.

The cybersecurity company has commented that, during this month of October, it carried out an analysis of the 250 publications with the highest participation on the platform during the first week of the war in Gaza, that is, from October 7 to 14 of this year. anus. Specifically, the organization used the Misinformation Fingerprints system, which extracts and catalogs the main narratives false spread online.

These were chosen based on the number of ‘likes’, ‘retweets’the answers or the option of ‘Saved items’which are attached in a private list for each user by clicking the ‘Share’ icon.

NewsGuard more specifically studied a dozen false or unsubstantiated claims shared by these verified users. Among them are ‘fake news’ such as ‘Ukraine sold weapons to Hamas’, ‘A video shows Israeli or Palestinian children in cages’, ‘A White House memo shows that the United States approved $8 billion in aid for Israel ‘ or ‘A video shows Hamas fighters celebrating the kidnapping of an Israeli child.’

The NewsGuard study determined that, overall, the publications distributing these ‘fake news’ received 1.349,979 interactions and viewed more than 100 million times all over the world in just one week.

Likewise, this analysis has identified seven accounts that spread at least two of the most shared war-related fake news. Among them is the anonymous account @Sprinter99800, whose posts were viewed almost three million times.


In this study, the cybersecurity company has also focused on those publications that have Community Notesa feature that allows users to contextualize posts with reliable sources.

Specifically, it discovered that only 79 of the 250 posts that presented misinformation were marked by the platform as Community Notes. “This means that a note appeared approximately 32 percent of the time in some of the posts of the most prominent and harmful misinformation on the platform.

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