Venezuelan opposition parties plan to replace Juan Guaidó as “interim president”

MADRID, Dec. 20 (.) –

The political parties of the Venezuelan opposition are in the organizing phase to replace the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as “head of the interim government” of the Latin American country.

As Bloomberg has learned, two of the four main opposition parties are planning to replace Guaidó by a committee of legislators through a joint proposal, which would jeopardize the politician’s career and put an end to the strategy backed by United States to force the departure of President Nicolás Maduro.

Right now, Juan Guaidó is pushing to extend his term for another year by calling the opposition National Assembly to discuss the idea this Thursday. Meanwhile, the leaders of these political parties propose making the new proposal before January 5 of next year.

As stated by the aforementioned media, it is still not clear if the Acción Democrática party will support Guaidó or a new candidate. Unlike the other parties, who vote as a block, the legislators of the latter will do so individually.

Guaidó, who came to be recognized by more than fifty countries as “interim president” in 2019 by proclaiming himself with such a distinction after not recognizing the results of the 2018 presidential elections, has seen how his political weight abroad has been dwindling every year, as well as his leadership within the internal opposition to the government of the president, Nicolás Maduro.

This political irrelevance became more evident after the 2020 elections, in which Chavismo managed to regain a majority in the National Assembly

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