Van collided with an ambulance south of Quito, several incidents this Thursday, July 20

Traffic accidents are “daily bread” in Quito and, of course, this Thursday, July 20, was no exception. On Napo and Alamor avenue, Chimbacalle sector, a van collided with an ambulance.

The Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) reported that the exclusive closure was made in the south-north direction. Authorities have not yet reported if there are injuries or if the ambulance was transporting a patient.

The image published by the transit entity allows us to observe that the van ended up destroyed in its front part, compromising the windshield, hood and fender.

In the case of the health unit, the greatest damage occurred to the right side of the engine, compromising the headlight.

more accidents

Similarly, to the south of the city there was an accident on Quitumbe Ñan and Cóndor Ñan avenues. Two lanes were closed in the north-south direction. At the same time, on Mariscal Sucre avenue, an incident involved a motorcycle driver.

In the first two months of this 2023, the AMT registered 533 traffic accidents in Quito, in which 380 people were injured and 39 died.

The main causes of traffic accidents are: speeding, disrespect for traffic signs and driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

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