Valencia Basket takes the measure of Partizán

Valencia Basket takes the measure of Partizán

Mumbrú’s men surpass Obradovic’s men again and have the ‘playoffs’ zone within reach

MADRID, Jan. 19 (.) –

Valencia Basket prevailed (89-81) this Thursday against Partizan on matchday 20 of the Euroleague, a demonstration of strength and quality led by Bojan Dubljevic like the one they already taught in Belgrade, to continue in the battle for the ‘Top 8 ‘.

The captain and historic player ‘taronja’ went into MVP mode in a serious match for Álex Mumbrú’s men, who already won the first leg at the Stark Arena and knocked down the Serbs again, a direct rival with a view to bringing the zone closer ‘playoffs’. Valencia (10-10) had the great game of ‘Dubi’ (20 points and 6 rebounds) and the spark and energy of Webb III (17) and Josep Puerto.

The local team became strong in La Fonteta from the start, taking the lead on the scoreboard with a great hit from two and fighting for the rebound. Zeljko Obradovic’s men took refuge in the triple, but Valencia commanded the score (27-18) and held their rival’s lead in the second quarter.

At the restart, Partizán pressed again, but Valencia showed their good form, with the two European victories last week, to even stay the third set. Punter and Leday, plus the outstanding performance of Exum (22 points), were the ones who kept the excitement going for the visitors, but between Dubi and Webb III they were in charge of clinching the victory.

Valencia, even without the recently signed Shannon Evans, once again enjoyed the direction and quality of Chris Jones, as well as the good performance of Radebaugh and López-Arostegui. Those from Mumbrú link four victories in a row before Sunday’s duel against Casademont Zaragoza with the ticket to the Copa del Rey at stake.




VALENCIA BASKET: Ferrando (3), Prepelic (2), Puerto (9), Webb III (17) and Dubljevic (20) –starting five–; Harper (4), Jones (13), Pradilla (8), Radebaugh (9), López-Arostegui (2), Alexander (2), Marí (-).

PARTIZÁN BELGRADE: Avramovic (-), Trifunovic (9), Papapetrou (3) Lessort (8) and Punter (14) –starting five–; Madar (-), Exum (22), Leday (7), Andjusic (6), Smailaigic (7), Nunnally (5).

–PARTIALS: 27-18, 20-19, 22-21, 20-23.

–REFEREES: Radovic, Bissang and Rossi. Eliminated for fouls Lessort.

–PAVILION: Fountain of San Luis.

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