Valencia Basket breaks the ‘curse’ of the Astroballe

Valencia Basket breaks the ‘curse’ of the Astroballe

MADRID, Jan. 13 (.) –

Valencia Basket won this Friday a hard-fought and long-suffering victory at home in the Regular Phase of the Euroleague 2022-2023 against French ASVEL Villeurbanne (79-83), whom they beat for the first time in their history at the Astroballe after a game in which he wasted a 20-point lead in the second quarter.

The Valencian team had never won in their six previous visits to the Lyon stadium and was finally able to savor a victory that allowed them to continue close to the ‘playoff’ zone. After a long time, the ‘taronja’ managed to string together two consecutive victories in the top continental competition, although they once again needed a good effort to win a duel that was in danger due to a bad third quarter.

Valencia Basket started well at the Astroballe, suffering only from Youssupha Fall, who did the most damage. The center scored eight of his team’s first 13 points, but that was not enough to break the visiting resistance because no one else accompanied him, not even a well controlled De Colo.

The ‘taronja’, firm in defense and rebounding, and playing well in attack, managed to open a small gap that they maintained at the end of the first quarter (16-22) and would no longer lose the initiative, thanks above all to their successful second period since triple.

Radebaugh launched Alex Mumbrú’s men with eight straight points and two straight three-pointers. The Valencian team began to score three by three very easily and without finding an answer from their rival to easily detach themselves on the scoreboard.

Valencia Basket scored up to six triples in this period and continued to move the ball very well (15 assists). His distance went to twenty points after a 0-13 (25-45) run, and despite the efforts of two exes like Diot and De Colo, the income was very favorable
at halftime (37-52).


But the passage through changing rooms did not sit well with the ‘taronja’ team, which changed the hit for the hit. The shots stopped coming in, but they also accumulated loss after loss and in the Euroleague that is usually paid very dearly.

ASVEL, driven by Obasohan’s energy, did not let this visiting crisis pass and signed a devastating 17-0 run that balanced things again at Astroballe (54-54). Valencia Basket knew how to ‘return’ to a game that had to be decided in the final ten minutes (60-62).

The final quarter began with a triple exchange. Two from Valencia Basket (Guillem and Ferrando) found the local response (Kahudi and De Colo), but the visitors struck with one more from Prepelic to stay on top (68-71), momentarily because TJ Parker’s men entered the stretch ahead end (72-71).

But the Valencian team gritted their teeth and recovered their aim from the outside when they needed it most. Two consecutive ones from Radebaugh and Webb III and another basket from the center gave him a lot of air (72-79) and although Kahudi and De Colo replied from the triple (78-79) to add more excitement, he did not fail from the free kick to take control. the triumph.


–RESULT: ASVEL VILLEURBANNE, 79 – VALENCIA BASKET, 83 (37-52, at halftime).


ASVEL VILLEURBANNE: Mathews (10), De Colo (14), Kahudi (13), Risacher (2) and Fall (12) –starting five–; Noua (2), Jackson-Cartwright (-), Lighty (3), Diot (10), Obasohan (7) and Pons (6).

VALENCIA BASKETBALL: Ferrando (11), López-Arostegi (13), Puerto (9), Webb III (8) and Dubljevic (7) –starting five–; Radebaugh (13), Alexander (9), Pradilla (2), Prepelic (11), De Larrea (-) and Marí (-).

— PARTIALS: 16-22, 21-30, 23-10 and 19-21.

–REFEREES: Lottermoser, Trawicki and Clivaz. No deleted.

–PAVILLION: Astroballe.

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