Usman Garuba: “Being a professional you have to be ready for any situation”


Houston Rockets power forward Usman Garuba said Thursday that “all work pays off in the end” and “everything comes”, when taking stock of his first year in the NBA, with few minutes and in which he has completed 24 games and averaged 2 points per game, although he insisted that he continues “working to find” his “moment”, since “being a professional you have to be ready for any situation”.

“When it comes to being a professional you have to be ready for any situation. But I have continued to work to find my moment,” said the Spaniard at a meeting with the media organized by Kellogg’s at the Official Museum of the Spanish Basketball Federation, in Alcobendas

During the event, in which Susana Entero, general director of Kellogg’s Iberia, and David Sardinero, director of the magazine Gigantes del Basket, also participated, the player from La Mancha stressed that the game in the NBA is “faster than in Europe”, in addition to be “simpler”. “Having defended well in Europe I can transfer to the NBA,” he added of his “versatile” style.

Garuba, who has finished his first season in the NBA with the Houston Rockets at the age of 20, has suffered ups and downs this year, although he “specially” remembers his first game as a starter with the Texan franchise a month ago against Sacramento Kings, meeting in which he added 8 points, his highest score of the campaign.

“I was ready, I had been working all year for a moment like this. In the end, all work pays off, everything comes,” said the young player, who in certain periods of the season has gone through the G League, the development league, that served the Spanish to “keep their feet on the ground”, in a world with “luxuries”. “He reminded me that in this sport above all you have to have fun. It has helped me to adapt to the NBA style of play,” he explained.


The power forward, who has been able to see “super stars” LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic or Kevin Durant up close, believes that Houston will experience growth in the next two years. “In a couple of years it will be one of the best teams in the NBA. We have had many flashes, and the work this summer, especially the youngsters, who will work as a team, will come in handy. And with the rounds of ‘draft ‘ The future is very good for Houston,” he predicted.

“Since I got here from Houston I started working with my lifelong coach, next week a coach from Houston will come, and then I’ll train there most of the summer, I’ll play the Summer League. I’m looking forward to going to the Europeans and getting a medal. I want to work hard this summer for the new year”, he stated about his plans for the short-medium term.

Finally, Garuba revealed that he “never” thought that his decision to go to the NBA was wrong. “I was always clear that I wanted to go there, it didn’t matter if I was going to play a little or a lot the first year, I knew it would be complicated. I was prepared for everything, I’ve trained a lot, I’ve worked my ass off,” he analyzed, after assessing the season of his former teammates at Real Madrid.

“They are partners forever, I still talk to them a lot. They have had ups and downs, but they always compete and when things are played they are always there. They have done a tremendous job qualifying for the Final Four, we had a thorn in the side after last year”, sentenced.

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