US, Japan and South Korea condemn North Korea’s latest launch and seek closer ties with China

MADRID, Dec. 31 (.) –

The authorities of the United States, Japan and South Korea have condemned this Saturday the latest launch of ballistic missiles by North Korea and have advocated increasing cooperation with China in the face of possible actions by the international community.

Thus, South Korea’s special envoy for security issues on the Korean peninsula, Kim Gunn, and his American and Japanese counterparts, Sung Kim and Takehiro Funakoshi, respectively, have held a series of talks on the matter.

The three representatives have alerted North Korea that this type of military activity is only a “provocation” and “will have no effect.” In addition, they have warned of a possible response from the international community to what they consider a clear “violation” of the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

The parties have agreed to increase their security cooperation to deal with the North Korean threat and stop “new provocations”, according to the Yonhap news agency. In this sense, they have promised to increase contacts with China, considering that it plays a “crucial role” in “containing North Korean military actions.”

The South Korean Foreign Ministry has indicated that the launch occurred from Chunghwa county, south of Pyongyang, and has confirmed that the three short-range missiles have flown over some 350 kilometers before falling into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan.

North Korea has launched a record 70 ballistic missiles in 2022. Earlier this week, several North Korean drones were intercepted in South Korean airspace, which has led to an increase in tension.

The United States Indo-Pacific Command has indicated in a statement that although the measure “does not pose a direct threat to the country and its allies”, it highlights “the destabilizing impact” of North Korea’s ballistic program.

The launch comes as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is chairing a Labor Party meeting to oversee economic and political issues for next year. However, he has not yet shown any interest in abandoning his ballistic and nuclear program.

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