US establishes military contact group with Ukraine to ensure long-term arms supply

Lloyd Austin, United States Secretary of Defense – Boris Roessler/dpa

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The United States announced on Tuesday a military contact group for Ukraine, which includes more than 40 countries, with which to ensure the coordination of long-term arms supplies for kyiv in the face of Russian aggression.

After a meeting organized by Washington at the German military base in Ramstein, the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, has stated that the forum will be permanent and will meet monthly to monitor the war in Ukraine and ensure military support. to Kyiv.

“I am proud to announce that this meeting will be a monthly contact group on Ukraine’s self-defense. It will be a vehicle for nations of goodwill to step up their efforts, coordinate systems and focus on the fight now and to come,” he explained. .

With this step, the United States lays the foundations for sustained support over time for Ukraine in the face of the new phase of Russian aggression, after Moscow has targeted the south of the country, the Donbas region and access to the Moldovan region of Transnistria. “It is clear that the next few weeks will be crucial for Ukraine and we have to move at the speed of war,” she urged.

The forum has brought together representatives of more than 40 countries, most of them from NATO, but also from countries such as Japan, South Korea or Israel, in an attempt by Washington to make a common and solid front against the military invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin.

According to Austin, all the meeting participants have given a “powerful signal” of support for kyiv and have called for further work on the efforts made so far in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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