US comedians denounce that they suffer more aggression after Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock

Everyone was surprised when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars after joking about his wife. The world of comedy warned at that time about a possible contagion effect among the spectators who attend this type of show. Shortly after, the actress Olivia Wilde he received custody papers for his children while on stage. And this past Tuesday, the comedian Dave Chapelle He was assaulted when an armed man took the stage while he was performing at a Netflix festival.

It is not accidental. The president of The Laugh Factory Chicago has assured in New York Times that before the aggression had already seen an increase in undisciplined behaviors of customers during the pandemic, and even recounts that there were several attempts to get on the club stage. As a result of the increase in these types of incidents, Laugh Factory installed cameras and metal detectors and hired more security guards.

The Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta has also hired a police off duty to reinforce security. It has also posted guards near the stage and has started using metal detectors on patrons. The Hollywood Bowl has also adopted its own “additional security measures” and they are not the only ones.

The comedians themselves have also denounced the increase in aggression. Comedy Central comedian Douglas Williamshe tweeted: “Comedians will now have to be like gang rappers and have their own personal security guards, problem is not everyone can afford that.”

Dave Chapelle attacked on stage

Many warned that Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock would cause a contagious effect. However, some professionals in the sector assure that the pandemic has already marked a before and after in the perception that viewers have about what is funny and what is not. What everyone agrees on is that the aggression against Dave Chappelle has focused on the insecurity of comedians and the limits of humor.

Dave Chapelle

The American comedian, screenwriter, producer and actor was performing at the Hollywood Bown during the comedy festival in Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival. Suddenly a armed man got on stage and knocked down the comedian, according to videos shared on social media. The security guards prevented the situation from getting worse.

Los Angeles police have not reported a motive for the attack. Chappelle said she spoke to Lee after the attack, telling him she had done so to draw attention to her grandmother’s plight, “forced to leave her neighborhood because of her gentrification.”


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