UP asks the Government if it plans to restrict irrigation, stop macro-farms and avoid emptying reservoirs against drought

MADRID, Aug. 12 (.) –

The coordinator of Alianza Verde, of United We Can, Juan López de Uralde, has demanded that the Government take “urgent and exceptional” measures against drought in a scenario of climate change given the “very worrying” current level of the reservoirs and wants it to establish restrictions to irrigation, stop the macro-farm projects due to their high water demand and measures to prevent the emptying of the reservoirs by the electricity companies.

Specifically, López de Uralde asks the Government to adopt urgent and exceptional measures to face the drought in a scenario of climate change and warns that if next autumn is also dry, a “water collapse” could occur in various regions of the country.

Thus, this Friday in the Congress of Deputies, a battery of questions to the Executive was registered on what are the forecasts for the evolution of water reserves in Spain in a climate change scenario; if it considers restricting irrigation in the different hydrographic demarcations and until the normal levels of the average of the last ten years are recovered.

In addition, he states that illegal irrigation is “increasing, especially in some communities” such as Andalusia, where currently, only one lagoon in Doñana, Santa Olalla, maintains any trace of water. For this reason, he wants to know if the Government values ​​taking exceptional measures to eliminate illegal catchments and irrigation.

Likewise, the green deputy from Podemos wants to know the measures that he is going to take to prevent the emptying of reservoirs by the electricity companies, something that he recalls happened last year and if he values ​​establishing a moratorium on the installation of macro-farms and discouraging that activity that requires a high consumption of water, and promote, instead, extensive livestock and agriculture, which, in turn, are more sustainable and guarantee better soil preservation.

Lastly, add a question to your questionnaire for the Government to explain the measures it is going to take to prevent soil erosion and degradation.

In this context, Uralde asks the Government to adopt urgent and exceptional measures to face the drought in a scenario of climate change and to eliminate illegal catchment and irrigation in the face of the drought that the country is going through.

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