Unleashed, the red circle spoke of corruption and focused its attention on Milei

The red circle was impacted by the “Insaurralde case” and demonstrated it on the opening day of the 59th edition of the IDEA Colloquium. In the hallways of the Sheraton Hotel in Mar del Plata, the word corruption was enabled after the president of the business conclave, Santiago Mignonewill tie the State’s intervention in private sector businesses to businesses outside the law.

The level of confrontation with the Government is almost unprecedented, and it occurred just when the official candidate and Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, decided to leave his guest chair empty.

The trip through Marbella of the former Buenos Aires Chief of Staff, Martin Insaurraldealong with the vedette Sofía Clerici, generated “fatigue” among the businessmen, who did not stop lamenting the growth of the commercial debt of the private sector due to the lack of foreign currency to pay for imports of goods, parts and spare parts, and inputs.

Sergio Massa pointed out against Sofía Clerici for the Insaurralde case: “This girl already had a precedent”

“It is true that the euros that Insaurralde spent do not weigh in the USD40,000 million that were financed, but “We have to make the effort and politics does not even make gestures.”complained an executive from a large national company.

There is discomfort with corruption, but even more so the open door that the Insaurralde case left for a victory by the libertarian Javier Milei, which promotes the breakdown of the system. “The uncertainty is not due to the result of the elections, nor due to the government plans, but due to the lack of accurate communication of the companies with the group close to Milei, because there will be no investment parameters without the trust of relations with the public sector, which is in charge of setting the rules of the game,” the CEO of a multinational, consulted by PERFIL, was alarmed. .

The Bullrich summit versus the Milei counter-summit

Tension won the Colloquium conversations. There was anger over Massa’s mistakes, as well as Milei’s. Bullrich’s presence failed to compensate for the void in the electoral debate. The businessmen intended to listen to the proposals, but more sought to influence with a series of proposals, which include pension, labor and tax reforms. But The slap that hurt the most was the absence of the minister-candidatebecause he will have the libertarian in the city and together with businessmen who participate in the red circle event.

It happens that there is a strong bid to increase the participation of the lunch that some 50 businessmen will have with Milei, as PERFIL announced. Even though she turned her back on the Colloquium, the few owners and The majority of executives from companies in Mar del Plata want to “build the bridge” with the candidate of La Libertad Avanza. “Even if it is, to be able to make more direct contact with his team,” another businessman confessed to this medium.

A year ago, Bullrich participated in an exclusive lunch with businessmen who purchased cutlery above the planned capacity. Those who did not manage to sit at that table had to settle for eating with Milei, a candidate who had little attraction. The Together for Change candidate will be there on Thursday morning on the panel reserved for electoral proposals. ANDOn Friday Carlos Melconian will be there, who would be his Minister of Economy. “If it gets late, there will be several of us who will leave their place empty so as not to be late for lunch with Milei,” admitted one of the diners.

Without Massa, but with Alberto Fernández

President Alberto Fernández fulfilled his custom of attending the IDEA Colloquium, since he was elected in 2019. His speech was followed by the almost one thousand businessmen who filled the Sheraton Hotel in Mar del Plata. They recognized the head of state for his capacity for dialogue, despite the fact that his presence attracted little attention, Not only because he is just over two months away from closing his term of office, but because they recognize Massa as “the only one who is in a position to take government measures that affect businesses.”

However, during the head of state’s speech, an almost constant murmur was heard, which reflected the relaxation of the business audience. Even in his speech, Alberto Fernández told an anecdote related to the launch of a yogurt from the Danone company, but the linguistic construction generated confusion and laughter. The CEOs did not expect news and they did not have it.


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