United We Can press for tax reform to a PSOE that is satisfied with taxes on energy and banking

Following the package of measures announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezduring the state of the nation debate United We Can celebrated the “turn” to the left of the leader of the Executive, conceived as a kind of change of direction to face the next months of the legislature in a context that is more than delicate due to the crisis.

Although, beyond the creation of a new tax for large financial entities and another for energy entities, United We Can has doubled its commitment to its government partners to achieve a Tax reform for the 2023 Budgets. This request is framed within the resolution proposals that those of Yolanda Díaz have registered this Wednesday, at the end of the second day of the debate on the state of the nation.

It should be noted that, although the initiatives presented by the groups are not binding, their approval will consist of a requirement from Congress on the main lines of action in the different areas.

While the socialists remain committed to establishing a exceptional tax on large energy companiesand other temporary and exceptional to financial entitiesas reported by the President of the Government in the hemicycle, the confederal space once again raises its bet with measures that have even been rejected in Congress by its partners.

Thus, it proposes lowering the tax from 25 to 23% for SMEsreduce VAT on products of products of feminine hygiene and diapers, to hair salons and veterinary clinics. It contemplates extending the Corporate Tax by ten points to large supermarkets and finance with this additional collection a check to help families with the shopping basket.

Also, it asks to establish a minimum rate of 15% in the Corporation Tax on real benefits and a 10% surcharge for energeticas well as a tax on great fortunes and raise the personal income tax rate to income greater than 10,000 euros per month.

Other purple proposals

Apart from these proposals, United We Can ask for a new increase in the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) up to 60% of the country’s average salary, increase the salaries of public workers, raise 15% of the non-contributory pensions of the Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator (IPREM) that governs many social benefits and make permanent the increase, also of 15%, of the Minimum Vital Income (IM V).

Resume creating a public energy companyto recover hydroelectric installations when the concessions expire and also act as marketers, as well as to sign a state pact to improve the financing of the public healthcare with an increase in investment of 7.5% of GDP in the Budgets and raise the ratio of professionals in public services above the European average in 10 years.

The PSOE echoes the measures announced by Sánchez

For its part, among the 15 resolution proposals registered by the PSOE are, among others, the initiatives announced by Sánchez. Thus, it includes 100% bonus on all subscriptions of several trips for the Cercanías, Rodalies and mid-distance trains operated by Renfe between September and December of this year.

In addition, it recovers complementary scholarship of 100 euros per month, between September and December, for all students over 16 who already enjoy a scholarship, and the Code School 4.0 Program for the development of digital skills in Infant, Primary and ESO; and unlocking the Operation Camp in the city of Madrid.

As a novelty, it calls for “fostering the geographic mobility of the young population” so that “they do not see emigration to the cities as the only way to carve out their future”, and proposes promoting, in coordination with the institutions of the European Union, “instruments that allow a strategic autonomy of certain raw materials, technology, food and infrastructure to avoid dependence on third countries and future problems of shortages”.


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