United We Can denounce Martín Villa for his possible responsibility in the massacre of March 3, 1976 in Vitoria

The Basque deputies of United We Can have gone to court to investigate the possible responsibility and intervention of Rodolfo Martín Villa in the massacre of March 3 of 1976 in Vitoria.

“We must put an end to the impunity that some crimes committed by State security forces and bodies have enjoyed, and the way is to do justice and prosecuting those responsible for a violation of human rights of this caliber“, the public representatives have asserted when they have registered the complaint this Thursday in the Court of Instruction.

Specifically, it has been the deputies Juantxo López de Uralde, Pilar Garrido and Roberto Uriarte those who have taken a step forward after the words of Martín Villa last Monday at an informative breakfast of the New Economy Forum.

United We Can hope that the facts and the possible responsibility of the then minister can be clarified

Many media reported that the former minister alluded to a possible political and criminal responsibility in the events that occurred in Vitoria on March 3, 1976. However, Martín Villa actually pronounced the phrase that gave rise to confusion in an ironic way: “I could be the responsible, politically of course, and also criminally responsible for those deaths, it would even have been possible that I, in a fit of madness, could have been the material author of those deaths. What was not possible is that I was part of some governments in the Transition who hatched a deliberate, widespread and planned systematic plan to terrorize Spanish supporters of a democratic government”.

Regardless of this, those of United We Can hope that the complaint prospers and that what happened and the possible responsibility of the then Minister of Union Relations can be clarified, as indicated in a statement.

Martín Villa is being prosecuted by the Argentine judicial authorities for crimes against humanity for these same acts, in which five people were killed by indiscriminate police shooting.


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