United We Can denounce Ayuso’s contracts with two companies in the pandemic in Anticorruption and in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

The parliamentary group of United We Can in the Madrid Assembly presents this Thursday a complaint before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and another before the European Prosecutor’s Office for the suspicious contracts worth more than 20 million euros signed by the Government of the Community of Madrid for the emergency route for the purchase of medical supplies during the pandemic with two companies that had no previous experience in this business.

The left-wing formation requests that the hiring of companies be investigated Vin Dore 24K SL Y Air Global Media SL by the Community of Madrid as providers of medical supplies, as well as the fate of the more than €10 million that Air Global Media received from the Community of Madrid, “because there are indications that they hide the payment of millionaire commissions”, indicates the deputy of the Assembly of Madrid Alejandra Jacinto.

The purple formation also asks for clarification of the terms in which the Government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso hired Oscar Leyva Ciudad (“linked to the PP for decades”, according to the complaint) as the organizer of the flights in which the Community of Madrid would have transported the medical material.

“We are denouncing that there is two companies that go from billing an average of 80,000 euros to more than 10 million euros each in a single year, in the year of greatest vulnerability, that of the pandemic, thanks to the contracts awarded by the Government of Ayuso”, indicates Alejandra Jacinto.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the contract for masks for alleged embezzlement from which the brother of the Madrid president benefited, Podemos asks you to investigate the possible fraud of subsidies and European aid provided for in article 308 of the Penal Code in relation to these two contracts financed by Feder funds. In addition, depending on the training, they could have committed a crime of bribery and another of embezzlement. It also calls for an investigation crime related to participation in a criminal organization.

To the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, United We Can request in its complaint that it investigate the alleged crimes of influence peddling and obstruction of justice.

Deputy Alejandra Jacinto stresses that “those two companies were not engaged in the importation of sanitary material and, in fact, changed their corporate purpose later”. Alejandra Jacinto also highlights that “the accounting of both companies is extremely opaque to the point that indications of the possible collection of millionaire commissions appear“.

From Formula 1 to medical equipment

In the denunciation of United We Can, to which this newspaper has been able to access, it is indicated that the Community of Madrid awarded Air Global Media SLwhose activity consisted of producing radio content related to the formula 1 competitions for mobile phones, four contracts during 2020 for the supply of medical supplies processed through the emergency procedure for a combined amount of €10,060,500.

After receiving the last of the awards, the company expanded its corporate purpose to include the supply of medical supplies. Antonio Mesquida, a regular in the Formula 1 businessis the sole administrator of the company, according to the denunciation of United We Can.

As for the other company mentioned in the complaint, Vin Dore 24K SLthe Community of Madrid awarded five contracts by hand during the year 2020 for a combined amount of 13,094,000 euros and another one in 2021 worth 4,450,000 euros, as stated in the complaint, for the supply of emergency self-diagnosis tests. At least one of the millionaire Vin Dore 24K contracts was endorsed by the Regional Government Council.

Possible payment of commissions

This company, which until 2020 had been dedicated to the wine business, after three contracts were awarded with the Community of Madrid for the supply of medical supplies for the Ifema Hospital, began to dedicate itself to carrying out activities related to pharmaceutical distribution . “The volume of activity of Vin Dore multiplied by 322 between 2019 and 2020 as a result of becoming an intermediary of sanitary material”, states in the complaint.

As revealed by the United We Can complaint, the 2020 accounts of this company “reveal that the company obtained disproportionate profits” and that it used them for “the possible payment of commissions to individuals”of which their identity is unknown, for an amount close to 10,772,635 euros and that the company justified as ‘other operating expenses’.

The investigation of the purple formation puts under the spotlight that “the sole administrator in 2019, Diego Suárez Liceras, was replaced by Yutsara Andreina Portillo, who in 2020 granted through a Panamanian notary absolute powers to Diego Suárez Liceras so that he can act on behalf of the company”.

Vin Dore was also awarded the cleaning of the snow caused by the Filomena storm in the Madrid municipalities of Majadahonda and Las Rozas “despite the fact that from its commercial information it can be concluded that the company lacked snow removal machines when the storm occurred” .

United We Can also highlights the alleged affinity of Diego Suárez Liceras with the PP. “It shows through Vin Dore’s social network profiles his proximity to the PP with photos with popular representatives such as Almeida, Casado or Cifuentes as well as with Ayuso’s ex-partner.


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