Unidas Podemos disassociates itself from the PSOE proposal on embezzlement

The transactional amendment that the Government wants to introduce this Monday in the negotiation of the embezzlement reform It does not have the seal of United We Can. Specifically, the Socialists’ proposal penalizes irregular budgetary deviation within the same public administration with up to four years in jail and six years of disqualification.

The president of the confederal group, Jaume Asenshas confirmed at a press conference the information advanced in the previous minutes by parliamentary sources of the purples, which in essence is that they have not participated in the negotiations “between the PSOE and ERC” on this issue included in the repeal of the crime of sedition , although they have been “informed”.

The proposal that came out this Sunday by Moncloa comes to modify the one that the Republicans registered last Friday so that not a single case of embezzlement is decriminalized, not even the slightest; neither did he process. The intention is to transact it in the presentation of the reform of the Penal Code scheduled for this Monday starting at five in the afternoon.

It will be necessary to see if ERC is for the work, because among the registered amendments, those of Gabriel Rufián proposed establishing prison sentences from six months to three years and the suspension of employment or public office from one to four years for the diversion of non-profit public funds.

Asens has indicated that his group is still discussing the meaning of the vote in relation to this issue. “We are evaluating both proposals and we do not have one fixed”, she has maintained. Although he has guaranteed that the votes of United We Can “will not derail” the reform package agreed with the PSOE, in which the amendment aimed at unblock the renewal of the Constitutional Court.

When asked if he considers that the PSOE compromise amendment would benefit cases such as the YOU ARE, kitchen either punicAsens has assessed that the current law would be applied to them, since the reform proposed by those of Pedro Sánchez “is not more beneficial than the one promoted by the PP in 2015”.

In any case, Asens has specified that he has given his opinion as president of the confederal group and “not as a lawyer and deputy” of En Comú Podem. Along these lines, parliamentary sources from Unidas Podemos had previously even indicated their “doubts about the future application of the new crime by judges.”

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