Unidas Podemos demands to end the obstacles to Afghans seeking asylum in the Spanish embassies of Iran and Pakistan

MADRID, Dec. 30 (.) –

Unidas Podemos has called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to account for the problems that, according to various human rights organizations, are being encountered by people fleeing Afghanistan, the vast majority of whom are women, when trying to request asylum in the Spanish embassies in Pakistan or Iran.

Specifically, the IU deputy and deputy spokesman for the confederal group in Congress, Enrique Santiago, and the Podemos deputy Ismael Cortés have registered a battery of questions asking about this issue and whether they are studying ways to solve what they call ” administrative problems”, although the complainant organizations relate them to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

As they point out in their battery of questions, many of these people, including women with minors in their care, after having made an appointment at the aforementioned embassies, “received an email annulling them.” “Some appointments had been requested in May and were for the first week of November,” they add.

“This situation of vulnerability is considerably aggravated by circumstances such as the fact that the Government of Pakistan announced that it will return to Afghanistan all Afghans who do not have a valid visa in the country as of December 31,” warn the deputies of United We Can , before adding that “having an appointment to request asylum in a foreign diplomatic delegation would be a cause for the suspension of that expulsion.”

In this context, they want to know “how many appointments have been canceled and attended in Pakistan and Iran” and why the volume of care has decreased since March 2022, especially “when there are still hundreds of people who continue to flee and arrive in those countries to apply for international protection.

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