Unicaja Banco distributes this Friday 128 million euros in dividends to its shareholders


Unicaja Banco will distribute tomorrow a cash dividend of 0.0484 euros per share charged to the results of 2022, which brings the total amount to be distributed among its shareholders to 128 million euros.

This past Tuesday, April 11, was the last day on which the entity’s shares were listed with the right to receive this dividend. In fact, in the session this past Wednesday, the bank closed with a fall of 4.48% due to the ‘ex-dividend’ effect, that is, when the shares are already listed without the possibility of receiving remuneration. Without this effect, the entity rebounded 0.15%.

The amount that will be distributed tomorrow represents a ‘pay out’ of approximately 50% of the net profit that the bank obtained last year, of 260 million euros. This result is 88.9% higher than that registered in 2021, the year of the merger by absorption with Liberbank.

Said result was supported by the increase in ordinary income, with a growth of interest margin of 2.9% and of 7.3% for income from net commissions, in the reduction of administration expenses, of 8.2 %, after materializing the synergies derived from the planned restructuring plans, and in the lower loan write-downs, with a reduction of 20.8%.

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