UNESCO includes the Ukrainian soup ‘borscht’ in its list of intangible heritage at risk


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The Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO has accelerated the examination of the file in such a way that the borschtto which festivals and cultural events are dedicated, appears in the Urgent Safeguarding List. With this registration, the organization aspires to call for mobilization to prevent the tradition from being lost.

“The displacement of people and carriers threatens the element, since people not only cannot cook or grow local vegetables for the borschtbut also cannot meet to practice the element, which undermines the social and cultural well-being of the communities,” reads the conclusion approved this Friday, which considers this dish part of the Ukrainian social fabric.

The Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenkohas celebrated has celebrated on Telegram that the borscht be “officially” recognized as a Ukrainian and has offered to share the recipe with all countries, “even the uncivilized ones”.

In this sense, it has considered gained “the war for borscht to the same extent that he is confident that Ukraine will end up winning the war that began at the end of February, when the Russian president, Vladimir PutinHe gave the order to start the invasion.

UNESCO, however, has made it clear that the fact that it recognizes the risk of losing the tradition of borscht in Ukraine does not mean that this dish is not made in other areas. “It does not imply exclusivity or ownership of the property in question”he explains in his note.

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