UNESCO declares the historic center of Odessa as World Heritage in danger

The Unesco has approved this Wednesday in Paris the urgent inclusion of the historic center of Odessa (Ukraine) on his list of World Heritage endangered, thereby acquiring a special status of protection against damage by russian invasion. A decision that has been objected to by the Russian delegation at the extraordinary meeting of the Committee, criticizing a lack of scientific rigor in the content of the proposition.

The vote to approve the measure has resulted in mostsince of the 21 members that make up the Committee, six voted in favor, 14 opted for abstention and only Russia has voted against.

After the decision, the director general of Unesco, Audrey Azoulayhas stated through a statement that Odessa is “a free” and cultural city that in this way “remains thus under the reinforced protection of the international community.”

Rachid Karameh International Fair

The candidacy of the Rachid Karameh International Fair (Lebanon), has also been examined under the urgent action procedure. The Committee has chosen to include it due to its alarming state of conservation, the lack of financial resources for its care and the latent risk of development projects that could undermine the integrity of the complex.

This construction was conceived by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer on a 70-hectare plot located between the historic center of tripoli and the port of al mine. It was the flagship project of the modernization policy undertaken by Lebanon in the 1960s.

The main building is made up of an immense pavilion in the shape of a boomerang 750 meters long and 70 meters wide, in which several countries could freely set up their exhibition spaces.

The monuments of the ancient kingdom of Sheba

For their part, the main monuments of the ancient kingdom of she knew (Yemen) have entered the list because they suffer threats of destruction related to the conflict in Yemen.

Some monuments that comprise seven archaeological sites that testify to its architectural, aesthetic and technological achievements from the first millennium before our era until the arrival of the Islam.

World Heritage List

The List of World Heritage in Danger includes cultural properties that are considered to be threatened by serious risks, such as the threat of disappearance due to accelerated deterioration, natural catastrophes, armed conflictsabandonment or projects of large urban works, among others.

Registration through this urgent route allows the World Heritage Committee to immediately allocate attendance to the threatened asset, charged to the World Heritage Fund.

In legal terms, it implies the establishment of an extended protection zone under the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the Cultural and Natural World Heritage of 1972, to which Ukraine and Russia are signatories.

States must, in this sense, to collaborate in the protection of listed sites and are obliged not to take any deliberate action that may directly or indirectly damage this heritage.

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