Unemployment falls by 33,512 people in November and stands at the lowest figure since 2007

Unemployment fell in November in 33,512 peopleup to a total of 2,881,380 unemployed, while employment fell slightly with 155 affiliates less than average, which keeps the total at 20.28 million employed.

From the Ministry of Labor They have highlighted that this total number of unemployed is the lowest in a month of November since 2007 and is part of an “adverse” economic situation on the international scene.

Regarding the affiliation figures, the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations has indicated that the data for November improves the average of 37,000 less employed for that month of 2017-2019, although it is worse than last year when employment increased by 61,768 people.

The drop in unemployment is also more moderate than that of November last year, when it was 74,381 peoplethe largest for that month of the series.

By economic sectors, registered unemployment fell in services, with 25,083 fewer unemployed people; agriculture, 4,507 fewer; industry, a decrease of 3,783and in construction, with a fall of 1,924.

In addition, the unemployment decreases in both sexes, since male unemployment stood at 1,153,821, falling by 14,313 (-1.23%) in November and female unemployment by 1,727,559, decreasing by 19,199 women (-1.10%). If compared to November 2021, male unemployment falls by 140,609 (-10.86%) and female unemployment falls by 160,698 (-8.51%).

By age, youth unemployment under 25 years decreased in the month of November by 4,182 people (-1.97%) compared to the previous month. Unemployment aged 25 and over fell by 29,330 (-1.09%).

As for the territories, registered unemployment in November 2022 decreased in eight autonomous communities, with the most pronounced falls in absolute figures being noted in País Valencià (-15,330), Andalucía (-11,169) and Comunidad de Madrid (-7,757). It rises in the remaining nine, led by Illes Balears, (+1,587), Castilla y León (+1,554) and Catalunya (+986).

The total number of registered contracts amounted to 1,424,283 of which close to half, 615,236, were of an indefinite nature.

80,000 more affiliates in seasonally adjusted figures

Back to affiliation, and in seasonally adjusted terms, Social Security added 78,695, up to 20.31 million employed chaining 19 consecutive months of increased employment.

Of the total average affiliates, employment advanced among men to 10.74 million employed while it fell among women who are 9.53 million. The average number of employed in November represents 531,273 more than a year ago.

“The data for the first eleven months of the year allow us to anticipate a growth of affiliation in the whole of 2022 close to 4%the highest rate of growth in recent years”, highlights Inclusion.

By sectors, services pulled employment with 21,190 more affiliates on average, while it fell in other activities.

Inclusion adds that innovative activities such as computing and telecommunications “They are growing remarkably” Throughout the national territory.

Regarding the type of employment, in November the increase in affiliates with permanent contracts accelerated, which exceeded 2.3 million people compared to the end of 2021.

Affiliates with contracts of less than 30 days were also reduced by more than 3 million and the average duration of the total contracts that caused leave in these eleven months increased by 49 days compared to the same period in 2019.

On the other hand, the number of workers in ERTE remained stable at around 20,000 employed.

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