Ukrainian hackers leak evidence of the recruitment of Cubans into the Russian Army

A Cyber ​​Resistance team has obtained the evidence that demonstrate the transfer of soldiers from Cuba to Russia. More than a hundred documents that were stored in the account of email from a russian officer of the Western Military District -Anton Valentinovich Perevozchikov-, who was involved in the recruitment of foreign military personnel, who have managed to hack.

In this way, the identities of close to two hundred alleged mercenaries from other countries willing to join Putin’s ranks in exchange for around $2,000 a month. Platforms such as InformNapalm have disseminated the passports of these citizens -mostly Cubans-as well as contracts in Spanish that demonstrate the enlistment of men.


The documents include the conditions that Russia offers to new incorporations by participate in the “special military operation” (euphemism used by the Kremlin and its allies to refer to the invasion of Ukraine).

In the templates filtered by Cybernetic Resistance, specifically in the ‘ANNEX TO THE MILITARY SERVICE CONTRACT’, we can read a long list of social benefits as an incentive for recruited soldiers.

Among them: mortgage loans from the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of a home, free health services in military medical institutions, life and health insurance from the federal budget, the right to a preferential pension -after 20 years of service-, kindergarten free and without a waiting list, as well as access to all types of extracurricular activities for the children.

Benefits that are difficult for a Cuban to reject, given the situation of misery that prevails throughout the country. Some of them have openly published comments on their Facebook profiles about moving to Russia, going so far as to show photos once they arrived in the city of Tula. This would be the last stop, the place where they would make their contracts official.

From Cuba to Russia

Facebook post by a Cuban recruited by the Russian army.

A search on the Internet is enough to find publications like that of Adonis, which brags on his social networks of the good life he enjoyed in Russian territory, before being sent to the front. Good house, luxury car and afternoons of sightseeing with what he seems to be his partner. There is no shortage of images with the battle tanks with the ‘Z’ typical of Putin’s forces (Za pobedy, “for victory” in Russian).

The soldiers who have been identified through this leak, facilitated by Ukrainian hackers, would have traveled to Russia between July and August, divided into groups of between ten and thirty people. Something that would confirm the information that Javier Larrondo, president of Prisoners Defenders, provided to Digital Freedom. Meanwhile, The dictatorship has invented a human trafficking network to try to cover up the scandal.

The sending of soldiers was an open secret for a long time. It is not surprising that five of the transferred Cubans – of whom there is now evidence – entered via Belarus. The transfer of Cuban troops to the country, Russia’s maximum support in the Ukrainian war, was known, supposedly to “receive military training.” However, the own Russian media have been reporting the arrival of new recruits to their territory to serve in Putin’s army.

INFORMNAPAL reveals the identity of the 200 recruited.

The Russian officer’s response whose account has been hacked by Cybernetic Resistance to The Intercept (launched in 2014 by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay), which was one of the first media to report this leak, has not been long in coming. It is a text full of insults and bad words in which -by the way- he does not deny the recruitment of Cubans, he accuses NATO of being behind it and insists on his maxim: “Russia will win”.

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