Ukraine describes the military parade in Moscow as a “march of rapists, child murderers and looters”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Monday described the military parade held in Moscow on the occasion of Victory Day as a “march of rapists, looters and murderers.” “Rapists, murderers of women and children, thieves and looters march through Moscow’s Red Square today, and the whole world sees it“, can be read in the message published through Facebook.

The Ukrainian Government has condemned in this way the parade that commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II and has assured that “everyone knows well who participates in the march and what is the true essence of the Army Russian”.

Russian soldiers are war criminals who have no idea what honor is. They barbarically rape and kill women, men, children and the elderlyand also to animals,” says the text.

In this sense, kyiv has recalled that Russian forces continue to fire rockets and missiles at residential areas, hospitals, theaters and bookstores in full invasion of Ukrainian territory.

“The Russian military is looting and destroying the temporarily occupied territories in numerous locations in Ukraine,” he lamented before stressing that “the world will never forget Russia’s crimes.” “Together we will stop them”, she has riveted.

On the other hand, the adviser to the Ukrainian Presidency, Mikhailo Podolyakresponded this Monday to the speech on the occasion of the Victory Day over Nazi Germany by the Russian president, Vladimir Putinand stated that NATO did not plan to attack Russia and that the war only responds to “sick imperialist ambitions”.

“Let’s repeat it. NATO countries were not planning to attack Russia. Ukraine was not planning to attack Crimea. Russian servicemen die not defending their country, but trying to occupy another. There were no rational reasons for this war other than Russia’s sick imperialist ambitions“, he said via Twitter.

“Soon there will be two Victory Days”

The President of Ukraine, Voldimir Zelenskyhas insisted this Monday that “sooner or later” they will defeat and expel the “Nazi hordes” that arrive from Moscow because while the Russians are fighting “for the Führer”, the Ukrainians are fighting for “freedom” and so that victory of their ancestors “not be in vain”.

On the occasion of Victory Day, he has addressed his compatriots to insist that they will continue to put up a fight against the “barbaric” Russian troops.

“This is not a war between two armies. It is a war of two worldviews. Barbarians who shoot at the Skovoroda Museum and believe that their missiles can destroy our philosophy. It annoys them, that it is foreign to them, it scares them. We are free people who seek our own path. Today we make war on them and we will not give anyone a piece of our land“, he emphasized.

“Today we celebrate Victory Day over Nazism and we are not going to give anyone a piece of our history. We are proud of our ancestors who, together with other nations of the anti-Hitler coalition, defeated Nazism. And we will not allow no one annexes this victory, we will not allow them to appropriate it,” the Ukrainian president remarked.

In that sense, Zelensky welcomed the fact that his compatriots did not hesitate to celebrate this holiday because that was precisely what Russia was looking for. “The enemy dreamed that Ukrainians would refuse to celebrate May 9 (…) so that the word ‘denazification’ had a chance,” he believes.

Zelenski wanted to remember the “millions of Ukrainians” who fought against Nazism during World War II, expelling the Nazis from Lugansk, Donetsk and Crimea and liberating cities such as Kherson, Melitopol, Berdyansk and Mariupol, “especially inspiring cities today from today”.

“We have been through different wars, but in all of them we have had the same end. Our land was strewn with bullets and shells, but no enemy has been able to take root. The enemy cars and tanks rode through our fields, but they have not borne fruit. Arrows and enemy rockets flew over our skies, but no one has been allowed to outshine our blue sky,” he inspired.

Sooner or later we will win. Either to these hordes, or to Nazism, or to the mixture of the first and the second, which is the current enemy, we will win because this is our land. Because while they fight for the father king, the Führer, the party and the leader; we are fighting for the motherland”, he has said.

“We have never fought anyone. We always fight for ourselves, for our freedom, for our independence, so that the victory of our ancestors is not in vain. They fought for our freedom and they won. We are fighting for our freedom, for the freedom of our children, and that is why we will win,” Zelensky stressed.

Zelenski has assured that “very soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine“, alluding to the triumph over Nazi Germany and another to remember the triumph he hopes to achieve in the current conflict with Moscow.

Only “a madman” can want to repeat what happened in World War II and anyone who repeats crimes like those that occurred then is imitating Nazi philosophy, Zelenski denounced.


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