UK summons China’s ambassador over ‘aggressive behaviour’ on Taiwan

MADRID, Aug. 10 (.) –

The Government of the United Kingdom has summoned the Chinese ambassador in London in the face of “the increasingly aggressive behavior” of the Asian giant on Taiwan, an island that Beijing claims as its own and around which it has developed a series of unprecedented military maneuvers .

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who aspires to be the next prime minister in the Conservative Party primaries, has announced in a statement that her department will ask the ambassador to “explain” the latest Chinese moves.

Truss considers that the latest actions and statements by the Chinese government “threaten peace and stability” in the entire region, for which she has called for resolving any possible differences by peaceful means, “without the threat or use of force.”

Precisely this Wednesday the Government of China has released a document in which it has once again warned that it will not tolerate “separatist activities” in Taiwan and has insisted that it will use force to “take the island” if necessary. .

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