UGT recalls that only 123 agreements include teleworking and calls for a change in business culture


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UGT has defended this Friday “the need to build a modern, technological and innovative business culture”, in the face of the fall of teleworking after the pandemic, with only 123 collective agreements on remote work signed in 2021.

In Spain, only 13.1% of people work remotely, with 7.5% teleworking more than half the days and 5.6% only occasionally, the worst record in two years, as pointed out by the union .

UGT warns that both companies and public administrations are “gradually eliminating teleworking” and the number of teleworkers has been reduced by almost one million since the start of the pandemic.

With these figures, Spain ranks 26th out of the 33 countries registered by Eurostat, and returns to the same position it occupied before the pandemic.

“Companies and public administrations have cunningly taken advantage of the so-called ‘Covid exception’ (third transitory provision of the remote work law) to avoid definitively establishing teleworking within their production model, thus curtailing the aspirations of millions of workers”, he denounces UGT.

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