UEFA rules out Russia to host the EUROS in 2028 or 2032 and maintains the veto against Russian clubs for 22-23


The UEFA Executive Committee declared this Monday “ineligible” the candidacy that Russia presented to host the European Championships in 2028 or 2032, and also, among other sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, maintained the veto on Russian clubs in their competitions for the 2022-2023 season.

“The UEFA Executive Committee declared as ineligible the bid submitted by the Russian Football Federation (FUR) to host EURO 2028 or EURO 2032, in accordance with article 16.02 of the Bidding Regulations for the Finals and Final Phases of UEFA, which states that ‘each tenderer shall ensure that it does not act in a manner that could bring UEFA, the UEFA final or UEFA final tournament, any other tenderer to the tender procedure or European football into disrepute ‘” the agency said in a statement.

He recalled that “given the uncertainty about when the suspension will be lifted” on Russian football due to the war in Ukraine, the acceptance of this candidacy “would also go against” his decision last February in which he suspended all representative Russian teams and clubs to participate in their competitions “if” this candidacy to the Russian Federation were allowed.

“The UEFA Executive Committee will remain on the lookout to convene further meetings to reassess the legal situation and events as it evolves and take further decisions as necessary,” said the body chaired by Aleksander Ceferin.

In this way, Turkey and the joint candidacy of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland will be the candidates to organize the Eurocopa de 2028, while Turkey and Italy, for the one in 2032.

In addition, UEFA will not allow the participation of Russian teams in its club competitions for the 2022-2023 season in any of its modalities and categories, a measure that also affects their national teams.

In this sense, Portugal will replace Russia in the final phase of the Women’s European Championship in England this summer, while Hungary will complete the ‘Final Four’ of the Women’s Futsal European Championship next July with Spain, Portugal and Ukraine.

Similarly, the Russian team will not participate in the next edition of the League of Nations either and will be relegated to League C, and the men’s Under-21 team has been definitively eliminated from the qualifying phase for the 2023 European Championship, where it was drawn with Spain.

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