Ubisoft will automatically transfer Google Stadia games to PC via Ubisoft Connect for free

MADRID, Dec. 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

Ubisoft has announced that the transfer of games from Google Stadia to PC will be done automatically and for free to the Library through its cross-platform collaboration service. Ubisoft Connect.

Google announced at the end of September the discontinuation of its cloud video game service for 2023, after not achieving the number of users and the development it expected and after months of falling users and dedicated projects.

After announcing this closure, Google Stadia began to refund ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ purchases made before September 29, 2022 through this platform and in the Google Store.

Ubisoft has begun offering copies of its video games for PC to players who bought it on this other platform, as 9to5Google recently warned, which indicated that both accounts could be associated from the Linked Accounts section.

Now it has been the video game developer who has announced that it is taking measures to guarantee that its games can continue to be played in the cloud with Ubisoft+ Multi-Access -which allows certain Ubisoft+ titles to be played on different devices- and that it will facilitate the transition to other platforms.

The company has clarified in a statement that the PC versions of these Stadia titles will have no additional cost and will be automatically added to users’ Game Library. via Ubisoft Connect.

Likewise, it has clarified that any virtual currency available in these games will be non-transferable, so that in case of having these assets they must be spent on purchases within the games. before the closure of Stadia, scheduled for January 18.

users of Ubisoft+ Multi-Access Those who subscribed via Stadia will receive an email on how to sign up on the Ubisoft+ website, as well as a coupon to access Ubisoft+ free for one month.

In addition, players who have subscribed through Ubisoft in the United States will also be able to continue accessing these Ubisoft+ games through Amazon Luna. Conversely, players from outside the United States will receive a discount on Ubisoft+ for six months.

On the other hand, it has clarified that all Ubisoft customers on Stadia will receive a code to access GeForce NOW Priority Membership for free for one month. In this way, they will be able to continue playing Ubisoft games across different devices.

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