Two of the seven arrested for buying votes in Mojácar, candidates for the PSOE in the town of Almeria

The Civil Guard has so far arrested seven people in an operation against the purchase of votes for the elections this Sunday in the Almeria town of Mojácar.

Those arrested include two candidates from the PSOE list for the elections, specifically, number two and number five, as confirmed by sources of the investigation. The operation is still open and further arrests are not ruled out.

The PSOE He will suspend membership and open a file to the detainees, as sources from the PSOE leadership have indicated to Europa Press. The Socialists have clarified that they will take these measures if it is confirmed that they are militants of the PSOE and They also expect justice to judge them.

Agents of the Civil Guard and the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard have been deployed since early in the morning in the municipality, where they also there are three investigated and “dozens of records” have been carried out, as confirmed to Europe Press these same sources.

The open operation part of a complaint regarding an alleged electoral fraud carried out by an individual that he would have been affected by the alleged plot that, according to the first indications, would have affected an “indeterminate number of votes”.

The investigation is coordinated by the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Vera (Almería), which has agreed decree the secrecy of the proceedingsas reported by sources in the case.

This operation occurs after the National Police detained ten people in Melilla also for an alleged purchase of votes, although there is no apparent relationship between the two cases.

Moreno Bonilla regrets a “very serious event in terms of democratic quality”

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno Bonillahas stated this Wednesday that it is “very serious in terms of democratic quality that there are people who in one way or another try to alter the will of the citizens” and has asked the State Security Forces and Corps and the judicial authorities to be “determinative” and to go to the end so that they pay their responsibilities that seek to alter the electoral process.

For Moreno Bonilla it should be donebe a reflection in the field of the whole of the State on how it can be further ensured that voting by mail, which is “completely secure”, is “enhanced”.

“The democratic and electoral system that Spain has it is very guarantee and safebut we can always improve the system and perhaps the postal vote could be strengthened a little more so that no one can try to manipulate the will of the citizens”, according to Moreno. The Andalusian president added that, in addition, from the point of view Penal Code, “those who try to alter that will be penalized.”

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