Twitter will take “less severe” action with accounts that break its rules instead of suspending them

MADRID, 30 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter has announced that, from now on, it will take “less severe” measures facing the accounts that have broken the rules of the platform, and will reserve account suspension for “serious or ongoing violations” of its policies.

The platform led by Elon Musk already imposed “less severe” sanctions such as limit the visibility of a ‘tweet’ violating any of their policies. However, the social network will use this type of measure more frequentlyinstead of resorting directly to the suspension of accounts.

In this sense, as has reported Twitter, When a user performs an action that violates the rules, the platform will take measures such as asking them to Please delete the offending tweets before you can continue to use the account. However, if the user continue doing contrary actions to the rules or serious violations of its policies, will proceed to suspend your account.

Likewise, in terms of serious violations, Twitter refers to activities such as participating in illegal content or activity; incite or threaten violence or harm; privacy breaches; platform manipulation or spam; and engage in harassment directed at other users, among other things.

In addition to all this, the company has indicated that in the case of suspending a user’s account, the person affected may appeal said suspension as of next Wednesday, February 1. In this way, your case will be evaluated according to the “new reinstatement criteria”.

This tendency to take “less severe” measures has resulted in the restoration from some accounts that had been previously suspended. For example, that of Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, which was reinstated in November of last year.

However, the platform has underlined that they have not reset accounts that will participate in “illegal activities, threats of harm or violence, spam on a large scale and manipulation of platforms”, in the same way, They have not recovered profiles that had not recently appealed either. to reset the account.

Finally, Twitter has also highlighted that they continue to work on the launch of functions that “transparently” identify when sanctioning measures have been taken in profiles. Thus, they hope to begin implementing these functions in February.

As Musk announced in December 2022, one of these features could be software that displays the “true statement of the account”, that allows users to know if they have been affected by the practice known as ‘shadow ban’ (if the distribution of publications has been secretly limited), why and how to appeal this decision.

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