Twitter will allow you to hide the blue badge from the profile of an account verified with the Blue subscription

MADRID, March 24 (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter Blue subscribers will be the only ones who can have the blue badge of a verified account, Although the company is already working on the possibility that they can decide to hide it, even if they have it.

The legacy blue badges, which were obtained through the old and free procedure that only required the interested user to request verification and meet a series of requirements, will disappear from April 1.

By that date, those who want to have one or keep the one they had already obtained, must be Twitter Blue subscribers, since it is one of the advantages associated with this monthly plan, as reported by Twitter this Thursday.

The company is also working on novelties for this verification, such as the possibility of verifying the identity of the user by requesting an official document or the option of leave visible or hide the aforementioned blue badgeas shared by developer and reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi.

This novelty is part of the options designed to provide greater control over everything related to account and identity verification. If you choose to hide the badge, the user who would have obtained it for being a member of Twitter Blue and having passed the process that grants itit would not show it next to your profile.

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