TVG will give electoral coverage to Vox despite not having any councilor in Galicia

The coverage plan of the Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG) for the upcoming elections on May 28 (28M) includes Vox in its information blocks on electoral news despite the fact that the formation did not achieve representation in any Galician corporation in the last local elections of 2019. The reason is that it is recognized as a “significant political group”.

Vox had been excluded four years ago from the Galician public media coverage plan and, then, filed an appeal and the Electoral Board agreed with him recognizing it as a significant political group based primarily on the results it had obtained in the previous general elections.

In this case, the coverage document proposed by the CRTVG, to which Europa Press has had access, identifies as significant political groups parties, federations or coalitions that present a candidacy in municipalities that comprise “at least 50% of the population of law in the constituencies included in the scope of media dissemination”.

Likewise, it is argued that this condition is also recognized for political formations that attend the local elections and meet the above requirement, and that, despite not having presented themselves to the previous equivalent elections or not having representation in them, subsequently, in recent processes elections and in the field of dissemination of the media, obtain a number of votes equal to or greater than 5% of the valid votes cast.

Vox will have 20 seconds in the main electoral blocks of both Galician Television and Radio Galega

The subsequent local elections of 2019 in which the coverage plan is added are the general ones of that same year and the regional ones of 2020. Although He was also left out of the Galician hemicycle, Vox does have representation in the Congress of Deputies. At this juncture, it will have 20 seconds in the main electoral blocks of both Galician Television and Radio Galega.

Specifically, the distribution of time in the blocks of electoral information of the TVG that are put on the table are 1 minute and 43 seconds for the PP, 1 minute and 42 seconds for the PSOE, 40 seconds for the BNG, 20 seconds for Vox and 15 seconds for other formations, such as Podemos or the different Mareas.

In the Galician Radio The times assigned to the different formations in the 15 days of the campaign will be 2 minutes and 5 seconds for the PP, 2 minutes and 3 seconds for the PSOE, 48 seconds for the BNG, 20 seconds for Vox and 15 seconds for other candidacies.

Vox does stay out of the debates

In addition to reporting on their activity in the block reserved for “others”, formations that, unlike Vox, do have councilors in the main corporations will have a presence in other spaces. For example, in the candidate debates in the cities proposed by the CRTVG between May 15 and 24; Or in radio interviews.

In fact, in the case of city debates, the coverage plan establishes that participation in them will be restricted exclusively to the heads of the list of each political formation with representation in the municipal Corporation –which places them outside the themselves to the candidates of the formation of Santiago Abascal–.

The televised debates of the candidates of Vigo they are proposed for May 15; for the 16th, the A Coruña; 18, Ourense; lugoon May 19; Santiagothe 22; pontevedra, the 23rd; and ferrolmay 24th.
CRTVG sources have highlighted to Europa Press that the Coverage Plan is subject to the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (Loreg), as the legal framework “based on the entire document” and that the times respect the principle of proportionality. “What the CRTVG does is apply the criteria established by law,” they indicate.

We can denounce that RTVE leaves him out of the spots

Two days ago, the general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, denounced that Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) has left out the coalition formed by her party and Izquierda Unida in the coverage of electoral propaganda spots in its state-wide programming during the campaign for the local elections on May 28 and announced that he will “immediately” appeal the decision, which he has described as “anti-democratic”.

The proposal, which the corporation has presented to the political parties, indicates that, in order to distribute this electoral space, the results of the last local elections and the requirement of having presented a candidacy for constituencies with more than 50% of the population entitlement, and the corporation only contemplates the PSOE and the PP, with 45 minutes each; Ciudadanos, with a total of 30 minutes, and Vox, for which 15 minutes are reserved.

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