Turkiye: Heli-skiing fever in the Kackar Mountains


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The Kackar Mountains in the Republic of Turkey have become a top destination for domestic and foreign heli-skiing enthusiasts due to the proximity of Europe and high-quality snow, reports Anadolu Agency (.).

Starting from altitudes higher than ski lifts could reach, heli-ski enthusiasts jump by helicopter onto steep mountain slopes. It is a demanding skiing that requires, in addition to physical fitness, exceptional skiing skills.

After the skiers descend to their destination, helicopters transport them back to the top of the mountain for a new descent.

Heli-skiing has been offered in destinations on the Black Sea coast since 2005, organized by the aviation and tourism company “Ayder Heliski”.

This week, the Kackar Mountains hosted about twenty ski lovers from Spain, Switzerland and France.

A total of 370 skiers will enjoy heli-skiing until the end of March.

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