Turkey is heading for a second round as neither Erdogan nor Kiliçdaroglu reach 50% of the votes

Tense election night in Türkiye. With 93% counted, the Islamist leader and current president, Recep Tayip Erdogan, led the count. But the possibility of a second round is open since neither Erdogan nor Kemal Kiliçdaroglu would have reached 50% of the votes, although the official results of the Supreme Electoral Commission (YSK) are unknown.

if none reaches the 50% needed to win the presidency, the citizens would return to the polls on May 28. If officially confirmed, it would be the first election Erdogan has lost since he came to power in 2002, first as prime minister and then as president.

Specifically, Erdogan would have achieved 49.7 percent of the vote compared to 44.59 percent for Kiliçdaroglu, according to unofficial data published by the Anatolia public news agency. corresponding to 93.02 percent of the scrutiny.

Far behind Erdogan and Kiliçdaroglu is the candidate Sinan Oganwho would achieve a significant 5.29 percent of the votes and whose support could be key in a second round of the elections.

Ogan has appeared after knowing the first results to explain that for the moment he will not support either of the two candidates in the second round by the Ata Alliance, a right-wing coalition. “This time there will be no announcement of who the Alliance supports in the second round,” she pointed out. The decision will be made after an internal process.

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