Turkey evacuates third batch of “Ahiska Turks” from Ukraine


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Elazig/ Anatolia

On Thursday, a third convoy of “Ahiska Turks” arrived in the state of Elazig in eastern Turkey, after they were evacuated from Ukraine due to the ongoing war there.

The evacuation was coordinated by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, and included 111 Ahiska Turks.

After their initial needs were met at the airport, the group was transported by bus to temporary hosting centers.

And on Tuesday, the same state received 180 Ahiska Turks after they were evacuated from Ukraine by plane in the second convoy.

And at the end of last April, the Turkish Foreign Ministry began evacuating Ahiska Turks from Ukraine, transferring 69 of them to Tekirdag, northwestern Turkey.

And the Ahiska Turks, who were residing in the area bearing their name in southwestern Georgia, but the Soviet government exiled them, in 1944, to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Siberia.

A large number of Ahiska Turks settled in the Ferghana Valley region of Uzbekistan, but about 100,000 of them were forced to leave the region, after disturbances between them and the Uzbeks in 1989, and migrated to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine.

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