Tunisia.. “Ennahda” calls for the release of “Jabali,” the former prime minister


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Tunisia / Adel Al-Thabti / Anatolia

On Thursday, the Tunisian Ennahda movement demanded the authorities to release former Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, holding the authorities fully responsible for his safety.

This came in a statement by the Ennahda movement on Thursday, seen by the Anatolia correspondent

Earlier today, the Tunisian Ministry of Interior said that “the wife of a former prime minister was arrested for possessing dangerous materials,” noting that her husband, who she did not name in her statement, insisted “to stay with his wife.”

Al-Jabali (Prime Minister from December 2011 until February 2013) Facebook page said that “security forces stormed a workshop he owned, kidnapped and detained him illegally.”

Commenting on these developments, Ennahda said, “Against the background of storming the workshop of the former Prime Minister and presidential candidate in 2019, Mr. Hammadi Jebali, without invoking any judicial permission and intimidating its employees, and despite his invocation to the security teams of a license to practice the activity and bills of all materials and equipment used, he was taken to a different destination. Information.”

Ennahda held the “existing authority fully responsible for protecting his (Jabali) physical integrity,” calling for “his immediate release, cessation of terrorizing political opponents and attempting to fabricate malicious charges against them, and respect for the law and personal rights and freedoms.”

Ennahda strongly condemned “insulting a symbol of the state.”

Tunisia has been experiencing, since July 25, 2021, a severe political crisis, when President Said began imposing exceptional measures, including: dissolving Parliament and the Judicial Council, issuing legislation by presidential decrees, and early parliamentary elections to December 17.

Tunisian forces consider these measures a “coup against the constitution”, while other forces see them as a “correction of the course of the 2011 revolution”, which overthrew then-President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

As for Saeed, who in 2019 began a five-year presidential term, he said that his measures are “measures within the framework of the constitution to protect the state from an imminent danger.”

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