Trump’s companies received at least 7.8 million from foreign governments while he was president

Donald Trump’s companies received millions of dollars – at least 7.8 – from 20 foreign governments while he was president of the United States, most of them from China, according to the New York Times and other American media.

The data is taken from a 156-page report titled The White House for sale, which have been prepared by congressmen from the Democratic Party. This work describes how foreign governments and their controlled entities paid the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.; Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas; Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York; and Trump World Tower.

China made the largest total payment (5.5 million dollars) through the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Hainan Airlines Holding.

Saudi Arabia was the second country that spent the mostdisbursing more than 615,000 dollars in the Trump World Tower and the Trump International Hotelaccording to the report, which notes that Trump praised this country and mentioned “his transactional relations” with the kingdom before taking office.

During his presidency, the Trump International Hotel in Washington attracted many diplomats and foreign dignitaries hoping to mingle with US allies. trump and administration officials.

During a rally on August 21, 2015 in Alabama, trump He said Saudi citizens had spent millions of dollars on their apartments. “I get along very well with all of them, in Saudi Arabia. They buy me apartments. “They spend between 40 and 50 million dollars,” he said. “Am I not supposed to like them? I like them very much!“.

Qatar, Kuwait, India and Afghanistan and Malaysia also appear in the work. The information comes from Mazars documents, Trump’s former accounting firm. Democrats have litigated for years to get them.

The report serves as a Democratic counterblow to Trump’s Republican Party’s attempt to link President Joe Biden to his son’s international trade agreements. Hunter Biden before he became president. So far, Republicans have failed to prove that President Biden was in any way enriched by any of those transactions.

Prohibited payments

The US Constitution, according to Times, prohibits federal officials from accepting money, payments or gifts “of any kind” from foreign governments and monarchs unless they obtain “the consent of Congress” to do so. The Democrats’ report notes that Trump never went to Congress to seek consent.

Eric Trumpson of the former president, has insisted that any profits that companies obtained from hotel stays were returned to the federal government through a voluntary annual payment to the Treasury Department, according to the report. Times.

For Democrats it is not enough. The congressman Jamie Raskin noted that donating profits to the Treasury does not meet the constitutional requirements imposed on a president.

“By elevating his personal financial interests and the political priorities of corrupt foreign powers above the American public interest, former President Trump violated both the clear commands of the Constitution and the careful precedent established and observed by all previous commanders in chief,” Raskin wrote in the report’s foreword.

While Trump turned over the day-to-day operations of his businesses to his children when he entered the White House in 2017, he refused to sell his assets and retained “personal ownership and control of all of his businesses, as well as the ability to attract funds from them without any external disclosure,” the report alleges. This agreement, Democrats interpret, “strengthened (rather than cut) his ties to his companies and allowed him prioritize your personal interests over those of the nation.”

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