Trump reappears in the race for the nomination with two rallies and his usual populist speech

Former US President donald trump (2017-2021), who has spent the last two months missing from his Mar-a-Lago mansion, He relaunched his electoral campaign this Saturday to compete in the Republican primaries and opt for the White House in the 2024 elections.

Trump gave two rallies: one in New Hampshire and another in South Carolina, two of the first states to vote in the primary process, and in which he tried to downplay the voices calling for a generational renewal within the party or ensuring that voters are already tired of his figure.

“Now I’m angrier and more committed to this than ever before!” Trump shouted in New Hampshire, automatically drawing applause from the crowd.

The former president went on stage with the intention of making it clear that he is committed to his campaign for the Presidencyespecially after various media outlets, such as New York Magazinethey will question their motivation to achieve the White House.

Specifically, New York Magazine published in December a report titled the final campaignin which various advisers and former advisers to Trump assured that time had taken its toll on the former president and that the “magic was gone”.

Trump officially launched his campaign two months ago in a speech at his club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, but until now he had not held any other electoral act. This time, the former president gave shorter speeches than on other occasions. Did not appear before large crowdsbut before a small audience.

Specifically, in the city of Salem, in New Hampshire, he gave a speech in the auditorium of a secondary school; while, in the state of South Carolina, he appeared accompanied by legislators from that state and local leaders in the state house in the city of Columbia.

Although the setting was different, the tone of his speech was the same and, as on other occasions, he began sentences that he lost track of to immediately link up with a different topic.

One of the central themes, however, was the immigration: did it again proposals to strengthen the border and, similar to when he launched his campaign in 2016, he ensured that migrants and refugees arriving irregularly in USA they are “murderers” and “rapists”.

At both rallies, mocked the government of the Mexican presidentAndrés Manuel López Obrador, and assured that when he was president of the United States, he pressured Mexico to accept the controversial program Stay in Mexico, which forced migrants and refugees to remain in that country while their asylum requests were resolved.

In addition, he boasted of the pressures to which he allegedly subjected the presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua to prevent their citizens from migrating to the US.

Trump also had time to attack China and Germanyalthough the biggest applause was received when he entered the cultural issues that divide the United States.

He affirmed, for example, that if he returns to the White House will not allow transgender people to compete in sports that do not correspond to their biological sex. Trump is the only figure of the Republican Party that he has declared his intention to run in the primaries, despite the fact that he is involved in several judicial problems.

The former president is facing numerous investigations, including one by a special prosecutor appointed by the Justice Department to investigate his role in the 2021 assault on the Capitol and possession of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

The name that sounds the most like a possible rival to Trump is that of the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantiswho has won the support of part of the Republican base with the approval of several conservative laws such as the one popularly known as “don’t say gay”, which prohibits talking about gender identity in school.

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