Trump accumulated more than 10,000 government documents in his mansion

MADRID, Sep. 2 (.) –

The FBI located in August in the mansion of former US President Donald Trump more than 10,000 documents and images of the Government that did not show any type of mark that they were classified, according to the Department of Justice.

The federal Executive has made public this Friday a new inventory that provides more information about a record in which FBI agents found secret documents that, theoretically, should not be in Trump’s possession.

The list also confirms the presence in the house of Mar-a-Lago (Florida) of more than 40 empty folders that did have the label of being classified. It is unknown what its content was and where it is today, according to NBC News.

The authorities have not warned so far of the possible loss of secret information and, among the aspects that must be determined now, is whether at any time the national security of the United States could be in danger.

Trump has denounced a political persecution after the August 8 search, judicially claimed by the FBI on suspicion that the former president’s entourage had not delivered all the potentially classified material in the tycoon’s possession.

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