Tropical storm ‘Ana’ leaves at least 77 dead and 300,000 displaced as it passes through Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique

MADRID, Jan. 29 (.) –

The passage of tropical storm ‘Ana’ through South Africa has left at least 77 dead, hundreds of thousands displaced and serious material damage, particularly in Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique — parts of Zimbabwe have also been affected –, according to the estimates of the respective national authorities collected by the African branch of the BBC network.

The most serious impact has been in Madagascar, where at least 48 people have died since the storm made landfall earlier this week and more than 130,000 have had to flee their homes to take refuge in shelters. Malawi has confirmed another 11 deaths and an almost general power outage throughout the country, where many areas have also been declared catastrophic areas.

The Mozambican government, for its part, has reported 18 deaths and is still evaluating the balance of damage, although at the moment there is evidence of at least 20,000 displaced by the floods, more than 10,000 homes destroyed and dozens of schools and hospitals seriously affected. .

The Centers for Disease Control in Africa (CDC-Africa) estimate the displaced as of yesterday at more than 300,000, in what they unequivocally describe as “a disaster” that could spread diseases related to water and sanitation hygiene, such as cholera and typhoid fever, and other outbreaks in addition to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“In addition, the destruction of the health infrastructure will further limit essential health services, such as immunization and other clinical services that will have a high potential risk of adverse health consequences, including mortality,” according to its first balance.

Meanwhile, the region’s meteorological services have warned of the formation of another storm in the Indian Ocean, identified as ‘Batsirai’, and that it may materialize in the coming days; one of several of this type that are expected before the end of the season, in two months.

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