Travel agency and dollar card: what was the “Croat’s” maneuver to take money out of the country

Customs discovered that Ivo Rojnica, alias “The Croat”which was part of the company Nimbus Group, the largest cave in the City of Buenos Aires, used a travel agency to take money out of the country in the dollar card format and, in this way, earned a difference of 20% in dollars.

After the operations in the Buenos Aires downtown that lasted until the night and that focused on the “caves” that operate blue dollars, federal judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi authorized the raid of the alleged travel agency, “Tower Travel”, located at Montañeses 2273.

Rojnica, 43, was marked this Thursday as the main “cuevero” in the blue dollar trade in Buenos Aires

As a result, 3 banknote counting machines, 2 bags of elastic bands, an HP notebook, an Apple iPad, 2 rolls of transparent film, several rolls of packing tape, 2 cell phones, a CPU, 2 Chinese passports of people who were not there, 2 DVRs, a bulletproof vest, 2 9mm pistol magazines, a holster, 297 9mm, 22mm, and .40mm caliber ammunitionsuitcases, paper shredding machines with destroyed documentation and cash for the sum of $117,350, US$237 and 12 yuan.

But other striking elements for the police were the bands to allow bills to adhere to the body, similar to those found on the Chinese arrested the day before and which also gave banking indications of peso extractions. Regarding the owner of the place, who turned out to be Peng Jianwang, He was arrested and transferred to the Unit. The raided home was closed by judicial order.

The investigation takes place within the framework of the rise of the blue dollar, which exceeded $1,000, and the promise of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, who assured that He was going to “put the King of the Caves in trouble”he “chief of the four or five living” that “they are playing arbitration” with the informal dollar.

Who is Ivo Rojnica: a Nazi grandfather and a media wedding

Ivo Esteban Rojnica, 43 years old, was marked this Thursday as the main “cuevero” in the blue dollar trade in Buenos Aires. “The Croatian”, under offshore accounts and million-dollar real estate purchases, operated in the United States, Spain, Uruguay and Paraguay. Rojnica, in addition, is the grandson of a leader of genocidal Croatia from 1941 to 1945 and starred in an opulent media wedding.

For those who analyzed the elements that the case accumulated in a few hours, the scandal that can be uncovered has no limits. The derivations exceed the borders and reach the USAwhere there was already an offshore account opening service Spain, where he set up two companies, official sources indicated. It also has financial agencies in Uruguay, Paraguay (in Ciudad del Este and Asunción, the broker bought million-dollar properties) and Bolivia.

The National Government issued, this Thursday, a red alert to prohibit Ivo Esteban Rojnica from leaving the country. The alert to prevent it from crossing the border limits of Argentina was issued by the AFIP and addressed to María Florencia Carignano, National Director of Migration, “in order to communicate, as an urgent and priority matter, the alert to leave the country of Mr. Ivo Esteban Rojnica.” However, no one knows where “El Croata” is hiding, although it isand suspects that he could have already left the country.

Ivo Rojnica's wedding,
Ivo Rojnica had a dream wedding with the Córdoba model Melina Cammertoni on November 9, 2022.

It also emerged that the broker shares a name with his grandfather: Ivo Rojnica was part of the government of the Croatian nationalists who took power in Croatia, separating it from Yugoslavia in 1941 after the German invasion. The regime catholic nationalist by Ante Pavelic exterminated all the Jews in the Balkans and, in addition, carried out “ethnic cleansing” with the massacre of Bosnians and Serbs. After 1945, Pavelic fled to Argentina and so did Rojnica, who lived until the age of 92 in Buenos Aires with impunity, despite having been denounced by the Simón Wiesenthal Center.

Almost a year before the scandal broke out over the raid, Ivo Rojnica had a media dream wedding with the Córdoba model Melina Cammertoni on November 9, 2022. The reception prior to the ceremony took place at the iconic Alvear Palace Hotel, an emblematic place of Buenos Aires high society. For the after party, Ivo Rojnica and Melina chose The Rural, a space that hosted more than 500 guests. The wedding was celebrated in Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament and At the time of the bride’s entry, the choir of the Colon Theater and a string quartet. She wore a crystal embroidered wedding dress. Swarovski and defined the wedding as a “fairy tale.”


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