TikTok strengthens its adult content restriction policy with improvements to ‘limit’ content detection

MADRID, 2 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

TikTok is implementing enhancements to strengthen your content restriction policy for adults, with progress like the new detection model for sexually explicit, suggestive or ‘borderline’ content to restrict it to minor users.

The social network has implemented in recent months new ways to limit certain types of content, classified as mature or complex, depending on the age of the users to increase the safety of younger members.

At the beginning of the year 2022, TikTok began to introduce the ‘Content Levels’ system, designed to classify the videos depending on categories including implied nudity, sensual content and other content “not suitable for all audiences”, with which it intends prevent them from reaching audiences between 13 and 17 years oldas he has collected in a statement on his blog.

With this measure, the platform affirms that they have avoided that the accounts of teens to watch more than a million “overtly sexual” videos or suggestive”, only in the month of December.

To do this, TikTok has invested in refining their machine learning models with a new model for the identification of sexually explicit, suggestive or so-called ‘limit’ content, it is decor, the content of the videos that do not openly violate the rules of the ‘app’, but that may be unsuitable for young users.

In this way, the new model detect these videos in a “more coherent and precise” way. Thus, the social network has indicated that, on the one hand, “promptly” identifies and removes “infringing” content and on the other hand, avoid that the ‘limit’ contents appear in the ‘feeds’ of minors or can be searched from teen accounts.

As TikTok has expressed, it has achieved progress to reduce recommendations for ‘borderline’ or suggestive content in general. Now, they hope that the detection of this type of content will improve “creating a more suitable and comfortable experience for adolescent accounts,” she added.


The platform also addressed the creatorsproviding audience controls so they could restrict your content to accounts over 18 years of age in the live videos.

From now on, TikTok it will also offer this option to short video creators. As explained by the social network, this function will be available globally in the coming weeks and will allow the creator to decide if the content is appropriate for minors or not.

Another TikTok proposal is that of stop the dissemination of intimate images without consent. To do this, like Meta and Bumble, he teamed up with StopNCII.organ initiative that cares for the victims of what is known as revenge porn and automatically delete content identified with this activity.

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