TikTok recovers from a global crash that prevented access to the ‘feed’ and publish content

MADRID, March 9 (Portaltic/EP) –

The video platform TikTokowned by ByteDance, has suffered a crash this Thursday that has affected users around the world and has prevented them from browsing the ‘feed’ normally, viewing videos and publishing content.

This failure was registered around 10 a.m. (mainland Spain) and reached its highest peak around 11:10 a.m., as reflected by the DownDetector portal, which reflects up to 1,092 registered incidents.

Some of the users who have reported problems with the social network have indicated that they had encountered problems while browsing, since some videos were not playing, while others have commented that they were not allowed to upload content to the platform either. This, for the moment, has not pronounced or specified what caused this error.

The service, which has also been down in other countries such as the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom or Germany is back to normal in Spain around 12 in the afternoon, Spanish peninsular time.

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