This was the reaction of Alejandra Jaramillo in ‘Sit Who Can’ when they congratulated her on her relationship with Beta Mejía

Alejandra Jaramillo made her love affair with the Colombian influencer Beta Mejia official and thus, she makes her followers and friends understand that, once again, she is giving love a chance. ‘The Candy’as she is known in Ecuador, had not been in a relationship since the murder of Efraín Ruales in 2021.

Since he published a carousel of photos with Beta Mejía on his Instagram account, congratulatory comments have flooded social networks. Even Efraín’s brother, Pablo Ruales, congratulated her and dedicated some emotional words to him, where he told her that “at some point it would happen because you have a good heart.”

your classmates ‘Sit Who Can’ They also took the time to congratulate her, during the program on September 4, they caught her off guard in one of the segments and Alex Rodríguez mentioned the courtship saying “And like someone out there who announced his new love on networks, at any moment he could say that he is getting married or I don’t know.”

At this, Alejandra was surprised, but smiled and limited herself to saying that everything is step by step and that they better continue with the program. At that moment, Kerly Ruiz, another of the panelists, passed him a cup of coffee as a joke and alluding to the images that Jaramillo published together with Beta Mejía, since they both held cups of coffee in the photos with drawings of ‘The Lady and the Tramp’.

Despite ‘The Candy’ published the photos where she is seen kissing with Beta, she has not yet given words to her fans, but everyone has made it clear that they congratulate her and are proud to see her smile and show herself in love again since the tragedy that occurred with Efraín Ruales in Ecuador, the same reason that led her to emigrate to the United States.

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