This is the NOVA H1, pearl earrings that hide wireless headphones

MADRID, Jan. 16 (Portaltic/EP) –

The NOVA H1 audio smart earrings are some wireless headphones hidden in the pearls of a pair of earrings designed as a jewel with gold or silver platingthrough which you can listen to music and make phone calls.

These headphones, developed by the German company NOVA Products GmbHare intended to make the technology is invisible as well as “highly functional and elegant”, as they emphasize on their website. “We merge technology and jewelry to help people stay connected and responsive at the same time,” they clarify.

So with these headphones lined with freshwater pearlsthe company pursues some “innovation values” to create a work environment that “take advantage of individuality and audacity without discarding the power of team spirit”, as they have detailed.

With the NOVA H1, the user can remain aware of the environment while listening to music or on a call thanks to its directional sound technology. With this technology, the sound flows directly into the user’s ears starting from the earlobe which allows privacy to be maintained.

In this sense, they do not provide audio as direct as other headphones but, as their developers point out, they put the user in context with their surroundings by not blocking external sounds.

These headphones are discreet and lightwith a weight of about 7 grams per slope. In addition, they have a battery of “long duration” that supports up to 3.5 hours of music playbackAnd till 14 hours if the charging case is used, as indicated by the company. Regarding their connection, the NOVA H1 use Bluetooth 5.2 and is compatible with both iOS as with Android.

Regarding the price, the NOVA H1 are for sale after overcoming a collective financing campaign, in two different finishes: in gold for 695 euros and in silver for 595 euros. for now, They are only available for Europe.

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