This is the agreement that four health unions have wrested from the Government of Moreno Bonilla after months of pressure

After months of protests and pressure, four unions –CCOO, UGT, CSIF and SATSE– have managed to get the Andalusian Government to completely rectify and remove the mention of Primary Care from the order that sets the price of health concerts in Andalusia. . The Andalusian Medical Union is left out of the agreement because it considers a previous agreement with Health to be “empty of content” and now demands more improvements for doctors.

This says the text of the agreement, which consists of 14 pages, has three legs – the price order; budgetary improvements in the AP, and negotiation of the professional career– and it is still pending signature, but it has already been ratified in the sectoral table on the order: “It is agreed to withdraw from the Order of February 23, 2023 by which the and develops the budgeting and pricing system for agreements and concerts the following aspects: From the pricing chart, the mention of the AP consultation. And the mention of the possibility of using public means by the private company“.

These two points represent a union and social victory: They had generated several demonstrations and protests in addition to a wide controversy and a great political dust storm since last February, the result of the concern of the health workers about the true intentions of the Government of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. Now, the president and his team must apply the pact, which includes: “Andalusia will dedicate at least 25% of the budget of the public health system to Primary Care.” This is an increase that, if carried out, is very considerable: the latest data available says that it is now around 17%.

Moreno has accepted the agreement at the gates of the municipal ones: it is voted this Sunday. If he applies it without much fuss, something that remains to be seen, they will have achieved a political objective of the first order: to pacify the waters, at least for a while, in Andalusian public healthvery agitated after years of deep deterioration, begun under the last PSOE executives, but deepened in this time with the PP at the helm, according to what is extracted from the annual reports of the Federation of Associations in Defense of Public Health, which allow the comparison between CCAA.

For the tides they are “achievements”, but “partial”

At the moment, Moreno is facing a crisis with the Andalusian Medical Union and the distrust of the sanitary tides, which advocate 100% public health and although they described the agreements of the four unions as “achievements”, they stated that they will continue with the mobilizations because they They seem “partial” and “will not be enough to consolidate the deteriorated Andalusian public health”.

For the tides, the “achievements” are partial, and assume that the outsourcing already accomplished is consolidated.

For the tides, “many more things are needed: the approved staff increases are still Insufficient to ensure that any Andalusian is treated in PC in 48 hours or lessthat care be long-lasting by the same doctor and nurse and that rural care be restored, including urgent care; nothing has been agreed with regard to the increases in staff of public health professionals necessary for the waiting lists for complementary tests, consultations for other specialties and surgery are within acceptable ranges, which is the only guarantee for the non-appearance of treatable mortality, and there has been no talk of the progressive reduction of what has already been privatized or outsourcedgiven that scientific evidence accumulates that shows that these processes are accompanied by worse quality of care and increased mortality”.

This is the full agreement:

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